SCORM cloud all-in-one elearning platform

A cloud platform for delivering your elearning SCORM contents remotely to external LMS’s with SCORM dispatchers using a licensing model


SCORM cloud content distribution scheme

With scorm-NEXT your content always remains safe and under your full control. These reside in the repository and their clients access them remotely, they never receive the original contents. In this way, you will have full control over who accesses your content and how long you can do it.

When you distribute your products through the LMS of your clients, you will not have to send the original SCORM packages with all the content, but a redirect packet (SCORM connector) created from scormNEXT. For this reason, if you update a content, it is only necessary to do so in the repository of scorm-NEXT.

Forget if your clients do not pay, try to enroll more students than agreed or use their contents indefinitely … With scorm-NEXT will maintain absolute control of its contents.

  • We fully comply with the Data Protection Law of the European Union

  • Servers located in Central Europe: optimal performance for our European customers

  • For non European clients, we have servers located at United States
  • Support in english by e-mail, and support in spanish by phone & e-mail.

Why a SCORM cloud e-learning platform?

A SCORM cloud e-learning platform for every need

You can use scorm-NEXT to cover different situations where you need to share your scorm contents easily and quickly

Main Features of our SCORM cloud solution


The repository of scorm-NEXT allows you to store , in the cloud all your scorm packages, whether they are independent learning objects or complete scorm courses.

All content is organized in a tree of categories fully customizable. In this way, you can have your repository structured and easily accessible.

From the repository you can preview any content and check its correct operation.

SCORM content repository in the cloud


Catalog of products/learning-paths distributable through SCORM cloud

Create your own catalog of products or learning paths, and organize them comfortably in a category tree. These products or learning paths are designed based on the SCORM contents stored in the repository.

It is possible to combine the contents of the product as you wish. For example, you can create a product “as is” from a SCORM course, but you can also create a learning path that contains only certain contents of a scorm course, or create a learning path that combines content from several scorm courses.

You can modify the structure of the contents of a product or learning path, as well as its parameters (title, cut score, maximum time, prerequisites, etc.).


Register your clients in scorm-NEXT to give them access to a specific product catalog or learning paths from your general catalog.

For each client and for each product, you can specify whether the users of that client will automatically enroll in it or if you want to manually register them. In case of choosing self-registration, you can also choose the number of licenses available and what the duration of these licenses will be.

For each client, it has tracking reports with all the details of access to its contents, as well as general reports on the use of the platform.

Client management on the scorm-NEXT platform


Perform a full follow-up of the end users through the administration tool of scorm-NEXT. Know what users access, what products and content, and what their progress is.

For each product or learning path, view global tracking information, such as: number of subscribed users, total visits, average time spent, average score obtained, highest and lowest score, etc.

It also has global reports and reports for each client, such as, for example, the number of new registrations in a period of time, users per product or per client, etc.

Monitoring and reporting of the scorm cloud platform

How scorm-NEXT works

In this video, you will get an quick tour throught scormNEXT:

  • Upload your SCORM contents to the cloud
  • Create your own products catalog: courses, training pills, etc.
  • Register the Virtual Campus (LMS) of your remote clients
  • Send SCORM connectors and configure licenses per each client
  • View your SCORM contents remotely from an external LMS

Do you want to try scormNEXT?

Now you can try, without compromise, our scormNEXT platform! Press the Try scormNEXT button and fill in your details. In a few seconds, you will have a trial version of our SCORM cloud solution so you can see it in action and see if it meets your needs.

More information about the SCORM standard here:



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